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Sister Delphine’s humanitarian efforts are supported by a team of Togolaise professionals established as a non profit organization running Sainte Anne Clinic.  Sister Delphine serves as president of the organization.

Sainte Anne Clinic’s board includes:

  • Marius Hounsinou, Vice President
  • Desiree Ahadji, General Secretary
  • Sister Victorine, Ex Officio General Secretary
  • Charles Gafan*, Treasurer
  • Herman Houssou, Assistant Treasurer

*Charles Gafan is Delphine’s brother.  Charles works at the Port of Lomé in marketing and logistics.

International Support

Various international assistance groups also support Sister Delphine's humanitarian programs.  Below are links to some of the international humanitarian and foundation supporters.

The Togo Direct Fund has been established to take tax deductible donations from donors in the United States.  To support Sister Delphine’s work please visit the Support section.

International supporters and donors include:

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF)

PVF is a U.S. based 501c3 charitable organization.  PVF works with individuals, families, foundations and businesses who are interested in innovative and significant philanthropy. 


Lilliane Foundation

An international charity focused on people with  physical challenges headquartered in Holland founded in 1980 by Mrs. Liliane (Lieke) Brekelmans-Gronert.


Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

The Christian Blind Mission was founded in Germany in 1908.  It  
assists the blind around the world.  


Terre De Vie

French charity that has assisted Sister Delphine's work with the physically challenged.