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The Institute for the Blind in Togoville

Working with Italian and German patrons Sister Delphine developed and built a school for the blind.  Sister Delphine has spawned cottage industries to train and employ the blind in making chalk, floor mats, and chairs as well as fostering the musical talents of the blind. 

The school has graduated 300 students and over the past two years (2006 and 2007) has served 96 students.  The annual budget is approximately $30,000.  Revenue from the cottage enterprises sustainably support the school.

Vocational Training Program

In 1994, Sister Delphine developed a vocational training program in the Kodjoviakope neighborhood in Lomé.  Funding was realized from Italian and German benefactors as well as the Liliane Foundation.  The vocational program has an annual budget of approximately $20,000.  Since opening the program has assisted more than 800 blind and physically handicapped men and women.  Like the Institute for the Blind in Togoville the Vocational Training Program is self-supporting through revenue realized from cottage industries.   

Sainte Anne Clinic

Dr. Alix MarduelWorking with Dr. Alix Marduel, a French physician working in San Francisco as a venture capitalist, as well as donors in Germany and Italy, Sister Delphine built the Sainte Anne Clinic.  The clinic initially offered cataract removal and other ophthalmologic procedures.  Since 2007 all surgical procedures have been moved to the John Paul II Ophthalmologic Hospital in Lomé.  The John Paul II Hospital was financed by CBM International and is managed by Sister Delphine.

Education and health awareness are keys to the operating philosophy of the clinic.


In 2005, Sister Delphine and her religious community with the assistance of Dr. Alix Marduel opened orphanages for children in Lomé and Aného.  The orphanages take care of approximately 150 children on an annual budget of approximately $80,000. 

Future Projects

Sister Delphine has developed plans for an expansion of Sainte Anne’s clinic to handle maternity care.  Details concerning the construction plans and costs for the proposed Sainte Anne Maternity Clinic are provided here.  Costs in this presentation are estimated in CFA, the Togolaise currency, as well as in Euros.

She is also actively involved in working to provide access to education for AIDs orphans.  In Sainte Lucie she is working on the development of an education project for the blind.