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U.S. tax deductible contributions can be made to any of Sister Delphine’s humanitarian projects by donating to the Togo Direct Fund at the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF). 

The Togo Direct Fund is administered by Philanthropic Ventures Foundation in Oakland, California. PVF is organized as a U.S. charitable 501c3 non profit corporation.   Philanthropic Ventures Foundation acts as the depository for the Togo Direct Fund.  

Donations can be sent to the Togo Direct Fund at the following address:

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

1222 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, CA 94612-1201

Telephone: 510.645.1890
Fax: 510.645.1892
Web: www.venturesfoundation.org
Email: info@venturesfoundation.org

Contributions directly to Sister Delphine’s work in Togo can be made to her attention at the following address:

Soeur Gafan Delphine

BP 60956
Lomé, Togo


Additional Information about donations from U.S. taxpayers

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation has agreed that it will be the depository for the Togo Direct Fund. The relationship is as a depository for the Togo Direct Fund.  PVF is not a fiscal agent for the Togo Direct Fund.

The Togo Direct Fund is a charitable project whose mission is to support the humanitarian work of Sister Delphine Gafan and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Church in Lomé and Noepe, Togo, in connection with their social services, including but not limited to, medical, vocational education instruction and materials, and child care and other services for orphans and others in need.

The Togo Direct Fund agrees and represents that it is a non-profit project and that its activities are charitable in nature.

Donors may send checks or marketable securities, which in turn will be deposited (and in the case of stock first liquidated) into the Togo Direct Fund. Checks should be made payable to Philanthropic Ventures Foundation and directed to PVF at the address above. Wire transfer instructions as well as securities transfer information are available on request.  Philanthropic Ventures Foundation will provide donors with a tax acknowledgement letter for their charitable donations of $250 or more.

Annual reports are available on request.